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Opperman All Day Trial – 2010

Well, I am not too sure about how to write this one up. I, me, former couch potato and former fattie, competed in an national endurance cycling event over the weekend.

On Friday, I was wondering what had made me think it was a good idea to compete in a 24 hour, 360km cycling event. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to finish. But it was too late. I was team leader of a team of four, so I was committed.

I got up early and left on time to ride to the start point at the narrows. I arrived 10 mins before the start time and there was no one there, so I thought I might have the location wrong. It didn’t take long for my team to turn up and we set off a little late.

There were some headwinds heading down the coast to Port Bouvard but the views were spectacular and made it an enjoyable run. After the turn around at Lake Clifton we had a quick run in to Pinjarra with a nice tail wind to push us along. The sun was setting as we left Pinjarra so we donned hi-vis gear and set up our lights.

Heading north on the new freeway PSP was an absolute pleasure again assisted by some tail winds. After a quick stop at Thomas Road, we headed off to Mundijong and then Armadale.

Armadale at midnight on a Saturday night was quite entertaining but we didn’t have any problems. Another quick stop and we pushed north towards Midland. Riding at night was quite invigorating and we all found new energy to keep going.

A couple of big hills to push through to Jane Brook slowed us down but after that we made short work of the trip through Midland to the glorious new Reid Highway. It was so smooth and fast to ride on with a nice tail wind.

I struggled to make it from there to Bayswater as I was tired and dehydrated. We got in at 4:00 AM with our host kindly heating a delicious veggie curry with Haloumi cheese. I was finished eating by 5 so crawled into bed for a 1/2 power nap which was over so fast! A hot shower got me going again and we were out the door on the dot of 6.

The dash down to Freo was mad! The other were riding so fast I had no hope of keeping up, but then one team mate let me draft off him so we made up some time.

We pulled into Freo at the end point with 15 mins to spare. I was really happy to successfully complete the hardest thing I have ever done.

4 riders, 24 hours, 368km. Opperman All Day Trial… check!

P.S. we are already planning next year’s ride!


Bike lights – Ay Up MTB Kit

Today I placed an order for the Ayup Lighting Systems MTB Kit for Audax rides.  For over 2 months I have been researching lights and comparing performance and price between different light sets.  Key to my selection was compliance with Audax lighting rules, namely:

On a ride where any part of the maximum permitted time for the ride is at night, a rider must:
(a) have available for use at all times:
i. at least two independently powered front lights,
ii. at least two independently powered rear lights; and
iii. a reflective vest, bandolier or jersey or equivalent,
(b) have securely attached to the cycle at all times, one front light and one rear light and a red reflector,

For front lights I needed two light engines, two batteries and two mounts.

I looked at a number of lights with the aid of the MTBR LED Bike Lights Shootout3 and eventually shortlisted the excellent Dinotte 200L Dual kit and the Ayup Lighting Systems MTB Kit.

Dinotte Kit

The Dintotte 200L Dual kit includes 2 light engines rated at 200 lumens, 2 long life batteries, mounts, battery holders etc.  The long life batteries have a run time of 8 hours at 100% and 16 hours at 50%.  Batteries are Lithium-ion (Li-ion).  Mounting of light engines is very simple.


  • Simple mouting
  • Long run time (16 hours at 100%, 32 hours at 50%)
  • Power output options (100%, 50% etc)

Ayup Kit

The Ayup MTB kit includes 2 light engines rated at 340 lumens, 2 standard batteries and 1 long life battery, mounts, battery holders etc. The standard batteries have a run time of 3 hours at 100% and the long life batteries have a run time of 6 hours at 100%.  Total run time of 12 hours at 100%. Batteries are Lithium-ion polymer (Li-po).  Mounting of light engines is more complex than the Dinotte lighting system.


  • Brighter
  • Lighter, smaller light engine
  • Lighter, smaller batteries

Why Ayup?

At the time I compared prices, the Dinotte system and Ayup system were the same price delivered.  Although I found the Dinotte longer run time, simple mounting system and ability to vary output levels attractive, I selected Ayup for their brighter lights and smaller, lighter batteries.  In my opinion, Li-po is a superior battery technology.  I would prefer to have the option of dimming lights if necessary to gain a greater run time (at reduced light output) in an emergency situation.  Ayup sell a Epic Lithium Polymer Battery with High and modes for $88 plus $15 delivery.  Quite a hefty price to pay for an additional 6 hours battery life.  However, I may purchase an additional battery before the Perth-Albany-Perth Audax ride in October next year.

I will update this post after the lights arrive and I have tested them on the Audax Dawn ’til Dusk – Spring ride.