Promoting Audax rides

I have been promoting upcoming Audax rides on the Australian Cycling Forums (also known as Bicycles Network Australia or BNA) since 30 April 2009.  Through my experiences with the forums, I have found that the ride reports of Audax riders generate interest in future Audax rides.  Posts promoting upcoming rides have generated interest on the forums and have attracted new riders.  You can read the threads where I have provided ride details and see what people have said about the rides here:

Inaugural UAF rides

UAF 200 Perth-Yanchep-Chittering

Dupuy Dawdle

Swanning Around

Dawn till Dusk – Winter

Coastal Cruise

Bumpy Boddington

Coastal Cruise

The Vines


Foothills Cruise

Ron Masterman Memorial

Mr Marston’s Meander

I have also kept a log of all of the rides which I have completed, which you can view here:


One response to “Promoting Audax rides

  1. Hi
    Interested in these Audax rides and how to join in, I myself are like you, it has
    Been close to 20 years since being on a bike for me and I am enjoying it immensely, would appreciate your help in getting involved in these addax rides.
    Stuart Marr

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