About Casual Cyclist

I started riding again to get fit.  First I just rode to work and home again (9km each way) but quickly graduated to longer rides.

You can see how it all started here:


I have kept a log of all of my Audax rides completed here:


I have kept a log of all of my Audax rides promotions here:


I hope you enjoy reading about my Audax rides as much as I have enjoyed participating in them and I hope to see you on an Audax ride soon.

You won’t need a fancy bike to participate in Audax rides. I have completed all of my rides on a circa 1990 Repco Superlite.

Repco Superlite

Repco Superlite

In case you were wondering about my nickname ‘Casual Cyclist’ it refers to my laid back riding style. You can always find me on an Audax ride… I will be the last rider!



One response to “About Casual Cyclist

  1. G’day Greg,

    Thanks for adding my gusk.posterous.com blog to your blogroll. I saw it in my analytics. I do love cycling and do post a bit about bikes. Posterous is a great tool for posting because it allows me to autorepost out to other places… all my cycling posts go to the more focused http://adelaidecyclist.wordpress.com/. Perhaps you might like to switch it over to that URL. I have reciprocated.

    I also setup http://www.adelaidecyclists.com social network in Adelaide.

    I wish I had time to write more. I too come last on rides, although I don’t race.


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