Audax ‘Ron Masterman Memorial’ – 100km Ride Report

On Sunday, 4th October 2009, I was one of 14 riders who left Mundijong at 8 AM for the Audax ‘Ron Masterman Memorial’ 100km ride. I was a bit worried as I set out as I have the tail end of a head cold, a broken knee (which is healing fine) and shin splints. I had to push pretty hard to keep up with the front runners as we meandered through green paddocks north of Mundijong Road. It didn’t take too long until we hit some small hills and I got dropped. I appreciated Stuart (Baalzamon) waiting for me as I wasn’t feeling confident about how I would go.

We caught up with the front group at the freeway and waited for the group riding behind us. Everyone caught up and we set off again. It gave me a chance to catch up with Dave (vanwonky), James (jaykay), and Perry (cavebear2).

After Baldivis, I got dropped again. I had been pushing pretty hard and my left shin started to ache. I backed off and took it easy for a while and my legs were fine. It didn’t take long to catch up to the main group who had stopped again to wait for everyone.

The back group didn’t appear so we set off again for Singleton. The coastal heath heading into singleton looks great at this time of year and made a nice change from the grassland, open forest and bush from earlier in the day.

Tony’s wife hosted a spectacular morning tea at Tony’s house. It was great to have good food at a control and great to catch up with the other riders.

Before setting off for the leg back to the start, I pumped up my back tyre which had been feeling a bit soft. It is amazing how much better a properly inflated tyre rolls!

After a quick jaunt along the coast, we headed back inland. Before the control my legs were starting to get a little sore but with a rest and a pumped up tyre they were feeling fine. It was a pretty easy ride up suburb new freeway bike path to Karnup Road where they have planted masses of spectacular Everlastings, which are in full bloom.

After a quick stop, we pressed on through farmland with more green paddocks. The back roads out that way are very quiet and it was a pleasure to ride along them. By the 70km mark I really hit my stride and started feeling very happy to be riding again. I was feeling really good as we rode through bush with wildflowers and then down onto the coastal plain again.

By the 95km mark I started to run out of legs. Fortunately, Stuart saw some red-tailed black cockatoos and took photos of them while I happily held his bike. After a short break I easily made it to the finish line.

I forgot to mention the weather was spectacular. It so nice to have some sunny weather to ride in. All up it was an excellent ride and an awesome day. Thanks to the ride organiser Tony for picking a spectacular route through some very scenic countryside.

Photograph by Stuart (Baalzamon).

Link to the Map of the route

You can read my original ride report, and what other people said about the ride, here.


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