MRI scan – left knee – results

On Monday, 21 September 2009, I had a series of MRI Scans for pain in my shins and my left knee.

I spoke to my Radiologist today to be informed that I have a broken bone in my knee. Since I have been riding a lot less I have noticed my knee becoming more painful, especially moving into a squat position. Standing or sitting normally, there is no pain but as soon as I start to move into a squat position it is immediately painful.

It is interesting that I have been able to complete the following rides since breaking my knee:

04/07/2009, ‘Bumpy Boddington’ – 100km

25/07/2009, ‘Coastal Cruise’ – 100km

02/08/2009, ‘The Vines’ – 100km

22/08/2009, ‘Dambusters’ – 160km

30/08/2009, ‘Foothills Cruise’ – 150km

06/09/2009, ‘Bumpy Boddington’ – 150km (not blogged yet).

My knee was very painful on the first ride but less so on the next two. By Dambusters I was riding with zero pain in my knee. I had not done any hilly rides before Dambusters so I paid particular attention to my left knee as I slogged it out up and down hills for 11 hours. I figured if my knee became painful I would quit the ride. It didn’t, so I figured there must not be anything wrong with it.

Well, I guess I was wrong and have been riding around with a broken bone. I was just coping with being diagnosed with Tibial Stress Syndrome in my right shin. I don’t know what this will mean for my riding or how I am supposed to maintain my fitness without putting too much stress on my knee. Swimming perhaps?

This news has bothered me. Do I look bothered? Well, I am. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, probably because I don’t really understand what all of this means.

The good news is that both of my conditions are not permanent and will heal with the proper care. I am expected to make a full recovery from both and should not notice any long term impacts.

In the mean time, I guess I have earned a break?

UPDATE: I have spoken to my Radiologist and it seems I can resume cycling short distances as long as I take it easy. I guess I should take up swimming too.


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