PIHC Huber Performance Enhancement assessment

From PIHC:

All participants of the workshop that was conducted on Tuesday, 25th Aug 2009 are now entitled to a complimentary performance enhancement session on the Huber Dynamic systems with Julian Mancini Exercise Physiologist / Occupational Therapist.

Julian consults at both PIHC Northern Districts (in Balcatta) and PIHC Performance Enhancement Centre (in Melville) and we have a Huber at both these locations.

For your complimentary Huber Performance Enhancement assessment with Julian Mancini please contact our front counter on 9240 5266 for a time, noting the location of preference. This complimentary assessment is valid from the 26th Aug 2009 to the 25th Sep 2009 and you must state the following code upon booking in: CWA-PIHC

I booked in for my assessment for 22 August 2009. I was asked to complete a patient information form which asked for a case history. I provided the following information:

Carpal tunnel syndrome
About 4 years ago I developed severe CTS in both wrists. It got so bad that I was having problems lifting things and was in constant pain. A couple of painful physiotherapy sessions later the pain had reduced. A couple of weeks after commencing physiotherapy I was out of pain. I now manage the condition through exercises that I need to complete once or twice every three or four months.

Lower back pain
Every three or four months I have some trouble with pain in my lower back. It usually isn’t too bad but a for a couple of days it can get quite uncomfortable. I noted that since commencing cycling I have felt a huge improvement in my lower back.

Upper back, shoulder and neck pain
Thanks to sitting at a computer all day, I regularly experience discomfort in my upper back, shoulders and neck. This too has improved since commencing cycling.

Sciatica in right leg
I regularly experience some mild discomfort in my right leg which would generally be described as sciatica probably related to the lower back pain I experience or possibly a tight piriformis muscle.

Left knee pain
After crashing my bike, my left knee was swollen for some time and I was unable to ride for a few weeks. However, by Dambusters it had healed an I was able to complete that ride, and many rides since, without pain. However, since I have stopped riding again it has become sore and a bit stiff.

Shin pain
On 30/08/2009, for the last 30km of Foothills Cruise 150km Audax ride, I raced Stuart back to the start point from Baldivis from DWP. I noticed that my shins started hurting but I kept pushing hard figuring I just wasn’t used to riding with cleats. I seemed to recover ok and did another hard ride the week after. However, by the end of last week I was in a lot of pain even walking around.

Tonight I met with Lucy of PIHC, who asked me a number of questions about the conditions listed in my case history and then completed a physical exam. She noticed that I roll my right foot slightly, that my right hip is higher than my left hip and that my right shoulder is higher than my left shoulder. She then checked my upper back muscles and lower back muscles and found they are quite tight, restricting movement. My right calf is tighter than my left calf and my right neck muscle is tighter than my left. Based on the screening Lucy advised that it would not be appropriate at this stage to have a session on the Huber machine. I was pretty disappointed not to have a go but can’t fault the assessment, diagnosis or subsequent advice.

Lucy advised that PIHC can treat me and that I should expect significant improvement after a number of sessions. As she is a qualified Occupational Therapist, I am sure that she would be able to help me. After a number of initial treatment sessions my treatment would include sessions on the Huber machine.

I am pretty impressed with PIHCs approach to treatment. Their philosophy is to find the underlying cause and treat that, rather than just treating the symptoms that patients present with. Personally I found their sales pitch a bit rushed. However, it certainly wasn’t a hard sell and I do have conditions which should improve with therapy. Pricing of $100 for an initial treatment and $50 for a follow up treatment seems reasonable for time with a qualified Occupational Therapist.

I will certainly consider PIHC for my treatment. I like their philosophy towards treatment and they seem to have the relevant experience to assist with my conditions.


One response to “PIHC Huber Performance Enhancement assessment

  1. Good to hear you had the assessment. I did likewise. After a few sessions you will progress to the Huber, no rush though like all treatments its with time. Lucy is good i usually have a chat to her when i’m in for my sessions. I’ve worked with both Ian & Kylie and am noticing the the benefits of their treatment.
    Good luck with your treatment course 🙂

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