Audax ‘Bumpy Boddington (Permanent)’ – 150km Ride Report

From memory, 4 of us attempted the ‘Bumpy Boddington 150km’ ride aka ‘The Old Tree’ as a Permanent. I think it was myself, RolandP, Stuart and Aaron who attempted this ride.

Luckily, Perry has organised the return of most of our Brevet cards, so I know that I left at around 7:00 am and made it up to Jarrahdale by 10:15 am. The journey up to Jarrahdale was uneventful but I was glad to make it to the first control point because I needed a break. The guys all ordered rather large looking burgers but I settled for a coffee and ate what I had with me. It drizzled while we ate but finished by the time we set off. The roads were still wet but no major issues.

The road from Jarrahdale to Albany Highway was new territory for me and I was pretty interested to see what it was like. The scenery was nice – mainly Jarrah forest. It was a bit of up and down but didn’t take too long to get to Albany Highway.

After a short wait for a regroup we all set out down Albany Highway, single file because of the traffic. Before we got to the turnoff to Canning Dam it was clear that Stuart was lagging, so he and RolandP decided to bail and ride straight down Albany Highway to Armadale. Aaron and myself continued on towards Pickering Brook.

The ride through Canning Dam and up to Pickering Brook is spectacular but quite steep! We didn’t make it to Pickering Brook deli until 2:00 pm and I was struggling by then. The food choice is actually pretty good, so re-fueled we set off towards Welshpool Road and down the big hill off the scarp. I had been looking forward to riding down the Welshpool Road hill all day and so was very disappointed that it started to rain just as we reached the top. I had to moderate my speed because the drops of rain were so big they blocked my vision.

In short order, Aaron and myself headed south on the Roe Highway PSP which made a nice smooth change from some of the rough road out the back of Jarrahdale and Pickering Brook. However, I had pretty much had it and struggled to maintain a reasonable pace. My shins started to ache (which I found out from MRI scans was borderline stress fractures) and I had zero energy left. I stopped for a couple of minutes at a servo for a quick break and felt a bit better after that.

I struggled into DWP at 4:05 pm, 9 hours and 5 minutes after starting. That is a slow time for a 150km ride but I enjoyed myself and was glad to finish in time.

Link to the Map of the route


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