‘Coastal Cruise’ – 100km Ride Report

On Saturday, 25th of July 2009, I was one of 17 riders who left Deepwater Point in Mt Pleasant for a ‘Coastal Cruise’ through Fremantle and Rockingham. I was the ride organiser for this ride so I set the start time for 8:00 AM hoping it would be a bit warmer. The conditions were clear and still but a little cool… excellent conditions for riding. After winding our way through the suburbs along the Swan River, with excellent views most of the way, we headed south from Fremantle (minus bradwoodbr as he had business in Freo). The ride along the coast was very nice, with views of the ocean for much of the trip. The route took us inland just before Rockingham to enjoy some bushland and salt flats. I didn’t really like Mandurah Road. It was busy and narrow but fairly short. It didn’t seem that we had been riding for too long when we stopped for coffee and muffins at a cafe in Rockingham. There was spectacular views of the ocean but I was too busy eating a delicious muffin and drinking a hot coffee to notice!

By the time I arrived in Rockingham, some of the faster riders had already left! I had a decent rest with Aaron (ajh_ausnzcf), toofat, BandedRail and rolandp. Eventually we decided to head back home. The home leg took us up the coast from Rockingham, with more ocean views and then inland through Kwinana to the freeway PSP. I have been getting a bit tired of the freeway path but realised today that it has a lot going for it. It is smooth, quiet, there are no cars (although we saw a motorbike rider :twisted: ) and for some of the path, nice views too. I enjoyed it a lot today, probably as I had fresher legs. My knee is still a bit stiff but felt good on the ride. It sure did good to have a great ride again. I have been looking forward to it and I was not disappointed today.

Thanks to all the forumites and everyone for your support for this ride. I asked Nick to reschedule this ride after it was canceled a couple of weeks ago due to bad weather as was glad there were 16 riders to show it was worthwhile.

Thanks everyone and I hope to see you on an Audax ride soon :D

Link to the Map of the route

You can read my original ride report, and what other people said about the ride, here.

My original promotion for the ride on Bicycles Network Australia is here.


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