‘Dupuy Dawdle’ – 100km Ride Report

On Saturday 30 May 2009, I was one of six riders who set out from Deep Water Point in Mt Pleasant for the Audax ‘Dupuy Dawdle’ 100km ride. The weather was fantastic again as we headed out through Southern River to Armadale. The going was pretty easy until we hit Armadale Road into Armadale, which was a long, slow, gentle incline into a fairly strong headwind. I found that strech pretty hard going. The climb out of Armadale along Albany Highway was quite manageable. It is just a long, not to steep, incline which I found relatively easy. The short stretch of Waterwheel Road was fairly steep, but I made it the 50 metres or so to the top (just :oops: ).

Conditions quickly turned to fun with long stretches of moderately steep road in fair and then excellent condition. The downhills seemed to go on forever and where exciting and frightening in equal measures. I chickened out at just over 60km/h and slowed down but another rider hit almost 70km/h. We stopped after that at Roleystone Deli for a re-fuel where I had a delicious wholemeal tomato and cheese sandwich and choc milk. I am really becoming a fan of ‘real’ food on the longer rides and found after that I didn’t need to eat again until the end of the ride.

The ride back followed much the same route after a long downhill to the bottom of Brookton Highway. Andrew (Aushiker), Brad (bradwoodbr) and myself represented the forums and made up half the riders. One nice thing about this ride was that we rode in a group the whole way, which gave us all someone to chat to.

The 100km took 4:05 of riding time, which I found a pretty reasonable pace, although I was quite tired by the end. It was good to catch up with Andrew and Brad again and I really enjoyed the ride.

Link to the Map of the route

You can read my original ride report, and what other people said about the ride, here.

My original promotion for the ride on Bicycles Network Australia is here.


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