‘UAF Perth’ 100km Ride Report

On Saturday, May 9 2009, I was one 15 riders who left Deep Water Point in Mt Pleasant at 8:15 am for the ‘UAF Perth’ 100km ride.  The route took us around the rivers as a group utilising mainly bike paths.

Congratulations to the ride organiser for selecting a truly spectacular route.  It was scenic for almost the entire ride with spectacular views of the Canning and Swan rivers from Rossmoyne, Mt Pleasant, Belmont, Maylands and Dalkeith to name a few.  I was expecting a good ride but I was really blown away by the views of the rivers.

I was able to spend some time talking to some members of the Bicycles Network Australia Forums on the ride.  I found that chatting to fellow riders and checking out the views made the kilometres just slip by.  I was really impressed with the bike paths which were consistently high quality and a pleasure to ride on with only a couple of sections a bit rough.

At first the pace seemed a bit slow for me but when we stopped in East Perth for a compulsory coffee break we were ahead of time.  I was riding well until we hit the hills leading up to and heading out of Freo.  For the run back to Canning Bridge along the foreshore I had run out of legs but a fellow rider kindly offered me his wheel and sucked me along for a number of kms, sheltering me from the headwind.  It really helped and I sat just behind the group for the rest of the way.  I really had to work hard to keep up but it was really motivating to have the group just in front of me.

Personally, I would have liked to pick up the pace a bit when the going was easy and slow it down a bit in the harder sections, but that is probably because I was still not very fit.  To give you some idea there was a 69 year old rider who finished closer to the front of the group then me and I am 30 years younger!  One of the awesome things about Audax, is meeting amazing people.

This was first time in Western Australia that a 100km ride has been ridden as a group along Union des Audax Francais guidelines and I think it was a great success.  I would definitely recommend it and encourage Audax to run UAF rides again next year (three have been planned for this year).

Link to the Map of the route

You can read my original ride report, and what other people said about the ride, here.

My original promotion for the ride on Bicycles Network Australia is here.


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