2009 HBF Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma

From the Freeway Bike Hike website:

On Sunday 22nd March 2009 more than 8000 cyclists made their way by train, car or bicycle to Kwinana Station, Belmont Park Racecourse and Greenwood Station for the starts of the 60km, 30km and 10km events. The Hon. Minister for Transport, Simon O’Brien officially launched the event by sounding the starter horn and three of Perth’s freeways were almost instantly filled with cyclists of all ages on all types of machines.

For the Freeway Bike Hike I entered the 30km which went well for the first 15km.  I was cruising along at just over 30km/h with the ‘B’ group who I thought rode very well.  As I rode along the left hand side of the freeway just next to the emergency stopping lane, I felt my back tyre go flat at the 15km mark.  I took out my tube and found a previous patch had failed.  After repairing my tube I took off again, but by then I was stuck with the slower C’s and D’s.  The people I was riding with by then were pretty bad… wobbling a lot, listening to MP3 players so they couldn’t hear bells or calls, not keeping left at all, suddenly changing line without looking… so I got a lot of practice yelling out.

At the same time it was great to see so many people out on bikes.

Anyway, I made it in one piece:
Distance: 29.58km
Ride time: 60:26 (elapsed time 90 mins)
Average: 29.40km/h

60km next year….

You can view the original Australian Cycling Forums post here: 2009 HBF Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma

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