‘Beach Life’ – 100km Ride Report

The day of my week 4 challenge arrived and I participated in a 100km bike ride which was both my first Audax Australia ride and my first 100km ride. Here is my ride report:

On Sunday, March 8 2009, I was one 14 riders who left Deep Water Point in Mt Pleasant at 8 am for the ‘Beach Life’ 100km ride. We headed north up the freeway PSP as a group until after Lake Monger. I was relieved to be dropped on a small hill as I was struggling to keep up. The route was fairly easy to follow, with only one wrong turn but was back on track pretty quickly. The bike path is lined by trees on both sides in a lot of places so was pretty shady and there was a nice cool breeze most of the way. I rode solo to Mindarie and arrived just before the ‘slow’ group after a very pleasant ride.

After a rest stop at Dome for mandatory coffee I set off with the ‘slow’ group and quickly found they were not ‘slow’ at all! I was struggling to keep up due to the small but frequent hills. I did enjoy the company though, and found the group I was with inspirational because they are so fit! I pushed myself pretty hard to keep up and ended up very tired and out of energy. As a result, I had a minor ‘off’ onto someone’s front lawn, much to their amusement and my embarrassment. I knew after that I really needed a rest stop, so I let my kind shepherds know that I would be taking a break at Lake Monger. They were really nice about it and made sure I was ok before they took off. I was ok, at that point I had water, Powerade, food, Sustagen, money, a credit card and a mobile phone, so I felt pretty confident in being left behind.

I found a shady spot and took a 10 to 15 minute break to have something to eat and drink my Powerade. After my break I felt like I had new legs and even powered up George St, which I have always struggled up before. I made it back to the finish point in 4 1/2 hours of riding, an average of over 20 km per hour. I was pretty happy with that result as I had only been riding for about 4 weeks. I did learn a valuable lesson though, which is to take a break if you need it.

I really enjoyed my first Audax ride, which was my first 100km ride, and found the guys to be friendly and accommodating, and good company too.

You can read my original ride report, and what other people said about the ride, here.


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