First 12 Week Challenge

After being challenged to set a 4 week, 8 week and 12 week goal by a colleague at work, I set the following goals:

My 4 week goal is to complete the 5km Neil Hawkins Park Run on Sunday 8 March 2009 in under 30 mins.

My 8 week goal is to complete the 10km Bridges Fun Run on Sunday 5 April 2009 in under 55mins.

My 12 week goal is to complete the 7km Mothers Davey Classic on Sunday 10 May 2009 in under 35 mins.

I began training with an easy 1km run.  I barely made it 800 metres.  My breathing was so laboured and my heart rate so high I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.  My first run had lasted 4 minutes.  Two days later I tried again to run 1km.  This time I made it but by the end was so dizzy I thought I was going to faint and my heart rate again was so high I though I would have a heart attack.  I abandoned running immediately.

The next week I started cycling the 9km to work to build up my fitness.  I dragged my ancient Repco Superlite out of the shed and rode to work.  My bike is quite colourful but I have been told it is not daggy, it is retro cool:

Repco Superlite

Repco Superlite

My first ride to work went well.  Surprisingly it was much faster than catching the bus or train and was a lot of fun.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to ride and was hooked after just one ride.

I joined the Bicycles Network Australia forum and found out about Audax Australia, a club for people wanting to participate in longer rides.  The Audax rides sounded challenging for me and so I quickly revised my goals:

My week 4 challenge is to complete a 100km cycle event in under 5 hours.

My week 8 challenge is to complete an off-road Audax ride of 35km.

My week 12 challenge is to complete a 200km bike ride.

To prepare for my week 4 challenge I participated in a group ride with members of Australian Cycling Forums on 2/3/2009.


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