First challenge (How it all started)

In January 2009 I was having a quiet drink after work with some work colleagues when the subject of exercise was raised.  I recalled that I used to do a lot of rollerblading but had not done any exercise lately.  One of my collegues challenged me to skate home one day after work…

The following week I sent the following email to my colleagues:

“On Monday after work I am going to skate (rollerblade) home starting on the bike path on the other side of the railway station, along the cycle path, to Kewdale (near Belmont forum).

The distance is approximately 8.4km.

My challenge is to get home without falling over, and your job is to guess how long it will take (I approximate 40 mins).   The cycle path is in pretty good condition and mostly flat all the way.

I will let you know the outcome on Tuesday morning (if I survive).   Here is a map.”

Route from work to home

Route from work to home

I survived my first challenge, completing the skate home in 59 minutes.  Here is the email I sent my collegues:

“Well I made it with no falls (there were a few close calls though!).  It took a lot longer than I thought, with the major holdups being the hills (which seem much smaller on a bike) and crossing Great Eastern Highway, which took 3 light changes.  Next time I am going under GE.  Total time 59 minutes.

I am now in training for the Bridges Fun Run and the Point Walter Triathlon (200m Swim : 8k Ride : 2k Run) in April.   I will let you know how I go.”

After struggling to exercise for such a short time I realised how unfit I was and made a decision to exercise more and get fit.  Then next day one of my collegues issued our first 12 week exercise challenge:

“Subject: Get fit to exercise CHALLENGE

We should write out our own individual goals for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and then 12 weeks.  Maybe 1 goal for each 4 week period and then an overall goal for the end of the 12 weeks (so 4 goals in total).

Who ever achieves the most goals wins (achieving overall 12 week goal worth double points).  Prize TBD.  Punishment for loser also TBD.

My first 4 week goal will be to enter into and finish mini-Tri in under 55 mins.  I might also aim to lose 10-12 kilos by end of 12 weeks.  Will think about other goals.

We will just have to accept each other’s word on whether or not goals have been achieved.  There will be no TV cameras or scales!”

I embarked on my first 12 week challenge on Monday, 9/02/2009


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